SPECTRUM Jurying: The Monday After

John Fleskes locks up Fort Flesk — and this year’s SPECTRUM jurying is now history.

Had the best time this weekend jurying the SPECTRUM 24 Annual with Christian Alzmann, Victo Ngai, Laurie Lee Brom, and Mark Newman. It was mind-blowing, enlightening, and grueling. I miss these people already.

Notes from this weekend:

  1. When submitting digital entries, make sure they’re big enough that jurors can appreciate the love and labor invested in the work. Most entries did. A few good ones didn’t. It was a shame — especially when the work looked so promising.
  2. In the Three-Dimensional Category — photography MATTERS.
  3. WOW. There are SO MANY terrific artists out there right now. Inspiring. Approximately 4700 TOTAL ENTRIES this year from all around the world.
  4. Thanks to Christian, I’ll never look at the acronym “CGI” the same way again.
  5. Most Shocking Moment: Hearing the news that Bill Paxton had suddenly died. The jury was eating Sunday breakfast together, and we proceeded to trade classic Paxton movie lines. Great actors don’t have to win Oscars to be beloved.
  6. Bottom Line: If you’re ever fortunate enough to be a SPECTRUM juror — no matter how many minutes you get with your jury teammates, it won’t be enough.

Thank you, John Fleskes, for making all of this happen. You too, Kathy Chu and Monica Carson. And last but not least — never enough thanks can be given to Arnie and Cathy Fenner for creating the SPECTRUM phenomenon in the first place. I can’t wait to see the finished annual this fall! Onward to Spectrum Fantastic Art Live in Kansas City in two months.

6 thoughts on “SPECTRUM Jurying: The Monday After

  1. Thanks for your work as a juror! Regarding image sizes and quality, after following the published submission guidelines I felt that the images were crunched down to a rather low degree for a jury submission. I can only imagine how poorly some of the images looked after being scaled to meet them.

  2. Hi, Chris: About 95% of the images were A-OK as far as size and clarity. They had great color and resolution, and it was a breeze to see them. So the rules have it right as far as effectively presenting images on monitor for jurors. I think the 5% or so that were too small or pixellized just didn’t follow through on the instructions.

  3. Glad you had a great time John. I keep telling people it was one of the greatest weekends of my life when I did it. Friends I still have to this day including John Fleskes.

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