Hey, Dallas/Fort Worth: Here’s where you can find me at ConDFW XVII, February 16th-18th. I’ll be signing Loteria Grande Cards and Posters, plus a wide selection of my book cover art and A Song of Ice and Fire prints. See you there!


2pm-4pm • Dealers Room

4pm • The Art of A Song of Ice and Fire
(Main Programming)

5pm-6pm • Dealers Room

7pm • Opening Ceremonies
(Main Programming)


10am-2pm • Dealers Room

2pm • The Art of John Picacio
(Main Programming)

3pm • Loteria!
(Main Programming)

4pm-6pm • Dealers Room


10am-11am • Dealers Room

11am • Creating Cover Illustrations That Sell
(Programming 3)

12noon-1pm • Dealers Room

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